About UPPAbaby

UPPAbaby is an American company on a mission to make the smartest strollers, car seats and juvenile gear available: intuitively designed, stylish and sleek, with the features and functions new parents want—plus innovations they never knew were possible.

UPPAbaby was born in 2006 out of necessity and opportunity. It all came together when Bob and Lauren Monahan had their second child. When they couldn’t find the right baby gear, again, Bob wondered why the only options were either mass-produced and cheaply-made, or very expensive imports that required a lengthy instruction manual to operate. With more than a decade of juvenile industry experience, Bob was confident parents wanted more, and he had an idea: make a stroller for parents that makes their lives easier and better.

Bob knew that as long as he took one step after another in the right direction, he could create a high-performance stroller that met and exceeded the needs of parents, letting them maintain the sense of style they’ve always had.