About stasher

stasher is the pure silicone reusable storage bag you can cook in.  Durable stasher can safely go from freezer to the stovetop, microwave or sous vide, straight to the dishwasher.  Ideal for school, office, travel and so much more.  Use it again and again!  stasher is a patented, award-winning design that is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting.  stasher is the smart alternative to plastic.

Kat Nouri, Founder, was already designing beautiful, innovative silicone products with her company modern – twist for the past decade, but was frustrated every time she reached for a plastic bag or container.  Having the knowledge and the resources, she wanted to produce a healthier alternative to plastic bags and containers that had all the functionality of plastics with the purity of glass.  And so stasher — the world’s first self-sealing, non-plastic bag — was born.  An everyday household staple that could be the seed to raise awareness, to create a Plastic-free movement.  She wanted all families to have access to a better choice.  Believing passionately that what you cook and store in should be just as pure as what you eat.

Half gallon bag

Sandwich Bag

Snack bag

Pocket bag

Stand up bag

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