About ZoLi

ZoLi brand provides customers with smart and safe solutions for everyday parenting challenges by designing and manufacturing innovative products using only safe, non-toxic materials.  All of ZoLi products are designed to blend sustainability and style to reflect and enhance it’s utility.

The seed for ZoLi was planted when Julianna had her first child and she came to a realization that most baby products contained harmful chemicals, affecting both physical and mental development.  It was that desire that prompted Julianna to set out to start a company to do just that – create products to make parents’ lives easier and using only safe, non-toxic materials while being transparent about the materials used in the creation of the products.  As a strong advocate for the environment, Julianna has also made sustainability a part of the company’s core value.  Prior to starting ZoLi, Julianna has had over 20 years in marketing and product development.like Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Nestle…

Buzz B. Electric Nail Trimmer

BOT Straw Sippy Cup

Teether collection

STUCK Suction Feeding Bowl

Tokidoki x Zoli collection

c.Squeak Straw Water Bottle