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About Swell

In 2010, S’well was launched with a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. With your continued support, we are doing just that! Every day, walking around the city I love, I see New Yorkers carrying the one thing S’well dreads the most — the plastic bottle. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 500 billion plastic bottles are dumped in landfill sites each year, and over 2000 billion globally.

Meet the Founder

Sarah Kauss

Sarah Kauss started S’well because of her passion for not only doing good in the world but realizing a common problem needed to be solved. Sarah noticed there was a major gap in the market, people needed a water bottle that was not only fashionable but also functional. During her time at Harvard, Sarah learned about the water crisis and soon after S’well was born.S’well is based on the idea that these bottles could help bring attention to the water crisis, reduce the use of plastic bottles, and people could carry a water bottle that was beautiful and worked famously well.

Swell Collections

Satin Collection

Glitter Collection

Shimmer Collection

Wood Collection

Stone Collection